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Your teacher: The master pastry chef Sébastien Chainay
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2) The lesson: Galette of the king
Lesson duration: 1h
Production of puff pastry and realization of an almond cream.

The course will take place on Thursday, décember 15th at 15 pm, time to New York

You can make at the same time with the ingredients below
The recipe
Puff Pastry
250 g Flour
250 g Butter
125 g water
5g of salt

Almond cream
50 g almond powder
50 g sugar
50 g butter
1 egg

Link to folow the recipe


1) The lesson: French macaroons recipe Lesson Duration: 25 minutes
The course will take place on Wednesday, November 16th at 16 pm, time to New York

250 g icing sugar
137 g almond powder
125 g eggs white
37 g white sugar
Red color